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Wilwood 60 Degree Balance Bar Assembly 340-4630

Part Number: 340-4630
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This lightweight 1.8 pound unit is ideal for dirt modifieds, champ cars, sprint Cars, midgets, or any application where the master cylinders and bias balance bar must be mounted in a remote location from the pedal.
To accommodate fitment in tight space locations, the master cylinders are mounted at 60 degrees from the pedal base for use with remote fill fluid reservoirs.
This unit features a high leverage, machined billet pivot arm that multiplies input force at a ratio of 1.48:1.
The balance bar within incorporates a positive detent stop every full turn to maintain adjustment position and driver awareness.
A pin and clevis pushrod attachment system provides highest possible degree of misalignment angle for bind free operation through the entire range of travel.
When mounted within the drivers reach, the included adjustment knob can be used for quick and easy on-track bias adjustments. For other applications, a remote adjuster cable can be attached.