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Sytec Hi In-Tank Fuel Injection Pump 36mm In 8mm Out P3031.1

Part Number: P3031.1
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In-Tank Fuel Injection Pump

Fittings In (mm):- 8mm

Fittings Out (mm):- 50

Pump:- P3031.1

Voltage DC:- 12v

Flow Ltr/Hr (Max):- 240

Flow Ltr/Hr @ 3 Bar (44psi):- 195

Flow Ltr/Hr @ 5 Bar (73psi):- 165

Max Pressure (Bar):- 7

Length (mm):- 138

Diameter (mm):-50

Weight (Kg):-0.53

Applications:- Audi, VW, Mini, Rover, Seat, Skoda,

Please see 'Injection Pump Application list' in the download section

Cross Reference Numbers:-

AUDI 8Z0919051*
AUDI 6K0919051C*
AUDI 1J0919051C*
AUDI 3B0919051C
AUDI 6N0919087F
AUDI 3B0919051B
AUDI 6N0919051M*
AUDI 8Z0919051A*
AUDI 8Z0919051C*
AUDI 8L0919087E*
AUDI 6X0919056*
AUDI 6X0919051G*
AUDI 1J0919051H*
AUDI 1J0919087C*
AUDI 1J0919087D*
AUDI 6X0919051E*
AUDI 8L0919087A*
AUDI 1J0919087H*
AUDI 6Q0919051*
AUDI 6X0919056E*
AUDI 6X0919056G*
AUDI 1J0919051E*
AUDI 7M3919051A*
AUDI 6X0919051C*
AUDI 7M3919051*
AUDI 7M0919087D*
AUDI 7M0919051J*
AUDI 7M0919051H*
AUDI 6X0919087D*
AUDI 6X0919087B*
16 14 6 759 955
ROVER WFX101471 (Rover 75 After Chassis No ZD225076)
VAG 6X0919087D*
VAG 7M0919051H*
VAG 7M0919051J*
VAG 7M0919087D*
VAG 7M3919051*
VAG 7M3919051A*
VAG 6X0919087B*
VAG 6X0919056G*
VAG 6X0919056E*
VAG 6X0919056*
VAG 6X0919051G*
VAG 6X0919051E*
VAG 6X0919051C*
VAG 6Q0919051*
VAG 1J0919087H*
VAG 8L0919087A*
VAG 8L0919087E*
VAG 8Z0919051*
VAG 6K0919051C*
VAG 1J0919051C*
VAG 1J0919051E*
VAG 1J0919051H*
VAG 1J0919087H
VAG 1J0919087J
VAG 3B0919051C
VAG 6N0919087F
VAG 3B0919051B
VAG 1J0919087C*
VAG 6N0919051M*
VAG 1J0919087D*
VAG 8Z0919051C*
VAG 8Z0919051A*
VAG 1J0919051B
VW 6K0919051C*
VW 6X0919056*
VW 6X0919056E*
VW 6X0919056G*
VW 6X0919087B*
VW 6X0919087D*
VW 7M0919051H*
VW 7M0919051J*
VW 7M0919087D*
VW 7M3919051A*
VW 8L0919087A*
VW 8L0919087E*
VW 8Z0919051*
VW 8Z0919051A*
VW 8Z0919051C*
VW 6N0919051M*
VW 6X0919051G*
VW 6X0919051E*
VW 6X0919051C*
VW 7M3919051*
VW 1J0919051H*
VW 1J0919051C*
VW 1J0919051E*
VW 1J0919087C*
VW 6Q0919051*
VW 1J0919087D*
VW 1J0919087H*