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Motamec Motorsport Tool Kit - Cordless Impact Wrench in Flight Case Rally Set

Part Number: KIT-MTB-200-MOSP
Excl. VAT: £ 365.75 Incl. VAT: £438.90

Availability: Out of stock


Motamec Professional Motorsport Tool Kit 
Heavy duty flight case kitted out with essential motorsport service equipment, as used by professional race and rally teams  
Custom made Motamec CNC cut dual colour closed cell plastazote foam

The Motamec Motorsport Tool Kit includes:
Motamec 18v Cordless Impact Wrench - Lithium-Ion - 430 ft/lb / 588NmTorque
Spare Motamec 18v Battery - Lithium-Ion
Motamec 18v Battery Charger & Lead
10pc - 1/2 Drive Deep Impact Sockets
3pc - 1/2 Drive Deep Alloy Wheel Impact Sockets
1/2 Drive Breaker Bar
1/2 Drive Extension Bar
Ball Pein Hammer
Rubber Mallet
2 x Prye Bars
Heavy Duty Magnetic Pickup Tool
Locktite - Medium Strength
Tyre Pressure Gauge
Tyre Marking Pen
SMD Mini Work Light
LED / Pickup Tool
Wire Brush
CNC Cut Foam Inserts - Including 8 Spare Wheel Nut Slots (Wheel nuts not included)

These flight cases are widely used by professional race and rally teams including WRC service crews.

Motamec Flight Cases are designed for professional use
Heavy duty construction
2x Butterfly catches for secure locking
Heavy duty spring leaded carrier handle
Fully foam padded, 5mm thick Stainless steel name plaque
Aluminium extruded sides
Heavy duty ball corners
Colours available: Black, Red, Blue or Green

External Dimensions: 550mm Wide x 400mm Length x 160mm
Internal Dimensions: 520mm Wide x 370mm Length x 150mm 

Genuine Motamec Product