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Lifeline 1.75ltr AFFF Foam Hand Held Fire Extinguisher MSA Spec Red

Part Number: 201-100-002
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LIFELINE 1.75 Litre AFFF Hand Held Fire Extinguisher, MSA Spec, Red

Part Number: 201-100-002

Portable fire extinguisher for national rallying or pre 31/12/60 historic racing

All extinguishers are supplied with 2 Full Year Service Life

Important Notice

1. Lifeline cylinders will, with immediate effect, have a total life of 10 years from date of manufacture.

2. This life is subject to the unit being serviced at the scheduled 2-year intervals by Lifeline or an approved service agent.

3. Units serviced by other parties will not be accepted for servicing by Lifeline

4. Units bearing modified labels or incorrect service labels will not be accepted for servicing by Lifeline.

5. Units with more than 4 years expired since it's last service or date of manufacture will not be accepted for servicing by Lifeline.

To meet our customer commitment we will offer a replacement cylinder to rectify all of the above.

Extinguishers usually contain contents under pressure and must be treated with respect. Always ensure that the approppriate health and safety precautions are taken and that the correct servicing and test equipment are used in conjunction with the correct company prodecures. If you are in any doubt as to the extinguisher, its condition, the procedures or equipment to be used you must seek advice.

Please note, any individual bottles or kit is including bottles cannot be refunded. This is due to the bottle being charged for the customer upon purchase