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EvoCorse Dallara Formula 3 F3 Wheel Fors Race Rally Center Lock SET

Part Number: SE4010010-MST-19
Excl. VAT: £ 804.58 Incl. VAT: £965.50

Availability: In stock


2 x 13"x10.5 Rears


2 x 13"x9 Fronts


FRONT: 9x13" ET1.65 PCD12x85 CB54 weight 4.2kg paints and protecting coating included

REAR: 10.5x13" ET10.15 PCD12x85 CB54 weight 4.7kg paints and protecting coating included

318.8mm inner diameter

Dallara F3 Fittments

Colour Options

Wheels are finished in Anthracite.

Other finishes available are Gold, Mat Black, Mat Silver, Silver and White. Please contact us for availability and pricing as some finishes may cost more than others and have may have longer lead times.

EVO Corse: Leading Competition Wheel Technology

The Evo Corse racing wheel line uses the best technology available for production and design, in order to always supply a product of the highest quality. These wheels are specifically designed for motorsport and competition use. Design starts from a decade long experience in every kind of racing wheel, using the best CAD/CAM technology and structural FEM simulation, to have the best optimization in the ratio of weight and resistance. As an example the 8x17" wheel for the Mitsubishi EVO 8/9 fitment weighs only 8,9 kg!


The wheel design always takes into account the maximum protrusion that can be found on modern competition spec brake calipers.

The advanced rim profile is not the same as that is found on a normal street/road wheel, but has been optimized for racing tire use.

Spoke design always allows the best brake cooling, without compromising the wheels strenght.

Spoke profile and design is studied for the maximum ergonomic benefit during wheel substitution.

Reinforced lips and spoke profiles are studied to insure maximum protection of the air valve against mud and stones.

All wheels are fitted with high strength steel inserts, CNC machined to allow the best and most consistent bolt fixing. 

Wheels aremade from primary aluminium alloy A356 with heat treatment T6 which is low pressure cast in a steel permanent mould. A process that is more expensive than a normal aftermarket rim (gravity cast and without heat treatment), but that can give ultimate performances without compromises.

Pressure Cast Technology

The main differences between the two typical casting processes used in the wheel industry: low pressure and gravity casting

Advantages of Pressure Cast Technology:

Quality and best reliability.

The reduction of all Imperfections due to gas or casting turbulences.

By filling at the centre of the mould you obtain the   best mechanical properties on the lips. 

Best metal quality because of the absence of oxide (melted metal is pulled from the bottom) 

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