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Escort Mk2 Wilwood 4 Pot M16 Replacement Brake Kit Midilite Brake Caliper VENTED

Part Number: 120-7471-M16-M12x2
Excl. VAT: £ 436.25 Incl. VAT: £523.50

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Replacement caliper for the standard Ford M16 caliper, The Wilwood Mdilite caliper comes with a special mounting bracket to bolt straight on the Escort strut For VENTED discs(Not included)

The new Midilite four piston radial mount is the first of a new generation of Wilwood aluminium calipers produced from a drop-forged billet.

This forging process produces a body design that provides higher strength and reduced load deflection superior to any cast or machined block billet caliper, combined with substantial x-bolting and extended flank design it is one of the stiffest, radial mount calipers currently available.

Most multi-piston calipers suffer from low speed caliper squeal caused by pad torsional vibration - The Midilite caliper features the unique Wilwood SRS (Squeal Reduction System) incorporating stainless steel pad retainers.

These retainers eliminate the bridge wear caused by pad gouging and reduce the pad rattle/vibration harmonics which are the primary cause of the annoying '4-pot squeal'.

The clever quick change pad clip (patent under consideration), reusable by design allows ultra fast pad changes without hassle.

The Midilite accepts disc diameters from 240 to 310mm, the low profile design allows maximum disc accommodation within a given wheel diameter, available to suit 21mm and 25mm disc width and piston sizes 1.75", 1.5", 1.38" and 1.25" allow a match with most stock/race master cylinders.

The caliper incorporates thick wall hard anodised pistons, is fully dust sealed and is supported by a range of Polymatrix pad compounds for street, rally and race applications.
Pads available separately (Not included)

Please note, recently Wilwood have changed the colour of their callipers from black to grey. While we are working through our stock we cannot guarantee which colour will be available. Should you have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering and we can check for you.