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Escort Mk1 Mk2 RIX Engineering Special WRC Type Front Suspension / Hub Assembly

Part Number: RX-WRCS
Excl. VAT: £ 1,766.67 Incl. VAT: £2,120.00

Availability: In stock


Escort Mk1 & Mk2 special WRC type front suspension setup.

Originally designed for the Safari rally Escorts, this is the strongest and most advanced set up available today for the Mk1 and Mk2 Escort.
The main advantage of this set up is the scrub radius position over the standard Escort setup, giving less tyre resistance and more grip. The tyre wear rate will be lower so softer tyres can be used.
The damper legs are quick release so that the inserts can be changed at service, camber angles can also be adjusted by simply replacing shims.

All components are precision fabricated and CNC machined for maximum strength and durability whilst keeping weight to the minimum.
The core assembly consists of an aluminium upright block fitted with a larger stub axle. Attached are special alloy hub, including all bearings, seals and hardwear.
integrated into the core assembly via the bottom pin is the fabricated steering arm which joins to the steering rack track rods via an in-situ adjustable rod end.
Compression strut bar is attached to the special fabricated and TIG welded track control arms and include spherical bearings fitted.
The damper units are quick release via two mounting bolts to the uprigh block, here the camper angle can be adjusted by fitting special camber shims, includes 4 types of shims and gives 7 camber adjustments.

Included in the kit are brake caliper mounts and alloy disc bells, there are 5 brake mounting kits available, see options below.

The TCAs also have the facility to attach an anti roll bar kit, see optional extras below.

One of the following Brake caliper mounting kits and bells are included, please specify when ordering:
AP Forest / Monte Carlo - 267x21mm / 260x 25mm discs - 13" wheels
AP CP4567 Radial mount - 267x21mm discs - 13" wheels
AP CP4567 Radial mount - 277x25mm discs - 13" wheels
AP CP5219 Radial mount - 277x25mm discs - 13" wheels
AP CP5040 Radial mount - 305x28mm discs - 15" wheels

Please note: It is highly recommended that this set up is used with our Group4 cross member, the correct TCA bolt hole location is essential for correct suspension and steering geometry.

The kit will also need a steering rack with left hand thread track rods for the in-situ adjuster. The Steering rack can be supplied as an extra

Optional anti roll bar assembly

Kit includes both O/S and N/S assemblies

Kit includes the following:
Alloy upright block assembly
Alloy Hubs
Bearings and seals
Alloy dust cap
Group4 studs
Fabricated TCAs
Compression struts
Rod ends
Fabricated steering arms
Track rod adjusters
Bilstein strut casing
Camber shims
Caliper mounting brackets
Alloy disc bells
All hardwear, nuts, bolts washers etc.

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