• Testing the New MST Mk1 at Donington

    Following the successful road test last week, next test was some track testing at Donington race circuit were we could really put the car through its paces. Again the car ran faultlessly and was keeping up with some very fast track cars. We are very please with how the car handles both on the road and on the track.

  • The All New MST Mk1 First Road Test

    So we finally got the new MST Mk1 out of the factory for its first road test and we are very pleased to say that the car ran really well, very responsive and the all steel 2.0L BDG engine is very lively. A big milestone in the journey of bringing the Mk1 back on the road as a new car, the first since 1975. Next will be the final preparations for the IVA test in September and we hope to be able to officially launch the Mk1 in October on a 71 plate.

  • New Mk1 Bodyshells

    We are now seeing new Mk1 bodyshells coming off the production line following a year of development work. With the 2021 order book nearly full we have a wide range of Mk1's to build from a standard Mexico arched Type-49 to full spec, bubble arched, 2.8L Millington Diamond powered race car, more news on this later...

  • Brand New 2021 Mk1 Mexico Type-49 Bodyshell

    So here is a un-arched Mk1 shell that we have just completed, standard type-49 spec with Mexico flared front arches. built here in the UK using 100% new panels.

  • Update on the all new 2021 Mk1

    Here we have a quick update on the MST Mk1 build, all coming together nicely, the new BDG engine is in, gearbox, axle, suspension etc. Further development work has been done on the trim and seats and is ready for final fitting. Just need to complete the interior and the wiring and we should be good to go.

  • Fabrication in full swing


    Making good progress this week on the fabrication and restoration of the Mk1 historic shell. We decided to fit new inner wings, front panel, sills etc. Some additional strengthening and plating under way. Outer panels next including bubble arches and some panel alignment next, before its ready for the bodyshop


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