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  • MST at the Rali Bae Ceredigion.

    We had a totally amazing day yesterday on the first ever closed road rally in Wales, was great to be part of the event which was very well run from start to finish, a big well done to the organizing team!

    Unfortunately we had to retire after stage 6 with electrical problems, but we really enjoyed the stages, cant wait for next year.

    Congratulations to Osian on the win!
    Thanks to Dorian for co-driving.
    Thanks to George, Rhys & Russ for service.
    And thanks to the organizers and all the marshal's for making it happen.

    (Thanks to Tudor Evans for photos)

  • So here it is, a world first Brand New Escort Mk2 Rally Car!


    So here it is, a world first! The first fully built and finished 100% NEW Escort Mk2 modern rally car! Brand new build using one of our new Mk2 shells, built over the last year and ran on the rollers today, ready for its first event next weekend, Duratec engine: 324bhp and 230ft/lb. A video clip coming shortly. 
    Brand new Escort Mk2 shell supplied by motorsport Tools in 2018. Car built by Rallyextreme for Shaun Weston

  • Shes back - The New Red Group 4 Escort Mk2

    Finally landed back with us from our local bodyshop, and the bright recd colour really does look lovely!

  • Radiator Upgrade!

    Quick update on the Millington Escort, after the last rally the engine was running little too hot, especially when queuing up on the stage start, so we decided to upgrade the radiator to a larger core (safari spec) and a larger 12" spal fan from the 11" that was fitted.
    Should have a proper test on the next rally: Glyn Memorial Stages at Anglesey circuit next month

  • NEW Escort Mk2 RS Fast Road Bodyshell Fabrication

    Today we took delivery from the fabrication shop, the fast road RS Escort Mk2. The main body shell fabrication is now done,

    Mods include:
    Base plates for the 6 point cage
    Anti tramp bar brackets
    Panhard rod tower
    Under floor skids
    Engine bay strengthening and gusset plates
    Engine chassis mounts
    Strut brace
    Radiator cutouts and mounts
    Seat rails,
    Fuel tank mount
    Inner arch extender for alloy arches

    Next job will be dry fitting the engine and gearbox, exhaust system etc before its sent to the bodyshop for the alloy arches and spoilers to be fitted.

  • New Escort Mk2 Group-4 shell update: Bodyshop

    Latest update on the New Mk2 Escort Group4 clubman shell, this week its had Raptor coating on the under side and a full finish coat of Radiant red paint inside. Next week we should see the mk2 finished with the outside painted in this stunning red colour.


  • New Escort Mk2 Group-4 Historic Bodyshell No.2


    For sale: Brand New Escort mk2 Group-4 bodyshell to historic works+ spec, built to highest standards by Meirion Evans at Wales Motorsport, fully dry duilt to take BDG, ZF etc.
    Currently in bare metal, can be sold unpainted or fully painted to costomer colour scheme

    For Sale: £POA
    Can be supplied bare metal or fully painted
    World wide shipping can be arranged

    Full spec is listed below


    Specification includes:
    Brand new base bodyshell including steel doors, fibreglass bonnet and boot
    Fully dry built to accept all specific components
    FIA Historic spec multi point weld in roll cage - Turret mounted
    Fully strengthened and gusseted engine bay
    Radiator cut-outs & mounts
    Engine chassis mounts for BDA/BDG
    Weld on strut brace
    Strut top plates
    Reservoir mounts
    Gearbox tunnel for ZF
    Large diff tunnel
    Watts linkage towers
    Round turrets
    4 link Boxes
    Seat rails
    Fuel tank mounts
    Dry sump tank mounts
    Fire wall
    Exhaust mounts fitted
    Fully strengthened and seam welded
    Sill tubes fitted
    All bulkhead holes drilled to suit engine engine
    Bulkhead oil and fuel unions welded in
    All various brackets welded: extinguishers, battery box, fuel pumps, regulators, dash mounts, etc.
    Alloy tarmac arches for 13" wheels
    Alloy front spoiler

    For Sale: £POA
    Can be supplied bare metal or fully painted
    World wide shipping can be arranged


  • VEC100V - The original Motorsport Tools Escort Mk2

    Originally built as a Group4 tarmac rally car back in 2004, competing on a wide range of event through Wales and the north west, mostly single venue tarmac rallies and later some closed road events in Ireland including the famous Carlow Mk2 challenge and West Cork in 2007. We then moved on to various forest events in Wales such as the Cambran rally, mid wales stages, Sweet Lamb etc.

    Having been in storage for the last 5 years due to business commitments and other projects, we think its time to bring the VEC out again for some action. Will be doing a full service over the next few weeks including new upgrades, new seats, extinguishers , harnesses and a general freshen up.

  • More NEW Escort Mk2 Bodyshells came in today!

    Keeping the Mk2 Escorts's alive!

    hgdrfsAnother delivery just in, More Escort mk2 bodyshells, brand new manufactured Escort Mk2 replicas, soon to be converted into top spec rally cars!

    bgfdhdfFour new Escorts being delivered to Motorsport-Tools , North Wales, UK

    hgfd ghfdaa gfdsaAn ideal base for any project, be it a rally car, track race car or a fast road classic

    ggrfeaHere is the first one sold, being loaded onto customers trailer, this one will be converted into a Grp4 tarmac rally car

    Escort Mk2 New Bodyshell: £6995 including VAT

  • New Carbon Fibre And Fiberglass Escort Panels Now In Stock






    Whether you're looking to save a few grams of weight here and there, or are just looking to improve the look and feel of your Escort, then the latest panels we've just brought into stock are where you need to be looking.


    If you're looking at just saving some weight, then the full fiberglass boot panel would be a great place to start for your Mk1 Escort. Weighing in at around 4.6Kg it'll help make a substantial saving in weight over the conventional steel boot and despite being made from fiberglass, it doesn't feel flimsy at all. The internal framework gives the panel real strength and rigidity, and it comes complete with the same mounting points that the original hinges had.


    If the full fiberglass panel doesn't do it for you, then there are other options. One if the big sellers at the minute is the Carbon Composite boot. It tips the scales slightly lower than the full fiberglass panel, coming in at around 3.9Kg, and as we all know, the small savings in weight over the whole car soon mount up. The design of it is impressive as well as subtle, the weave of the carbon fibre is visible mainly in the underside recesses of the panel, keeping it light and strong but without compromising the classic look of the car.

    If you've got a Mk2 then there are even more options for you, sticking with the rear of the car, there's the Mk2 Fiberglass Boot. It has a similar internal framework as the Mk1 panel, giving it the same strong but light feel. But maybe you want something slightly different. If that's the case then there's this.


    For those who don't recongnise the image, it's a fiberglass boot with an RS1800 WORKS spoiler. Now, we do sell the fiberglass spoilers separately if you don't feel like changing the entire boot panel just yet, but if you are, then this saves you the hassle of having to fit it yourself.


    So there we go, if you're looking at shaving a few kilos off of the rear of your Escort then there aren't many easier ways in which to do it. And if you're looking at shaving some weight off elsewhere on the car, then check out the full range of fiberglass (and carbon fibre) panels available.

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