New TOLSEN tool brand added this week including VDE Line


Our newest tool brand Tolsen is now in stock, Tolsen are great value hand tools for professional and DIY use at a very competitive price. The yellow coloured tools are for general use and the red VDE Line range are insulated for use with live circuits up to 1000v.

25042-ts 10044-ts 10003-ts

The Tolsen tools range include a massive range of pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, socket sets etc. Professional quality hand tools at an affordable price. See our Tolsen Tools range

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The VDE Line by Tolsen is a range of insulated hand tools fore use on 1000v live circuits. These are professional quality tools used world wide in the electrical trade. See our VDE Line range

v90047-ts v80115-ts v33450-ts

The Tolsen VDE technical tools that carry the VDE-GS mark conform to the
VDE regulations and comply with European or internationally harmonised
standards. These electrical products are tested in a series of impact,
electrical, insulation and other product property tests and comply with
the safety requirements of the respective guidelines.

Tolsen VDE Insulated tools that are marked with the symbol of the double
triangle and the assigned voltage or voltage range are suitable for
working on energised parts at the stated voltage.

The Tolsen VDE insulated tools that comply with the IEC 60900:2004
international standards are designed under a detailed set of rules and
are subject to a series of specific tests for checking the electrical
safety of the protective insulation.

Best sellers:


Tolsen V12038 Insulated VDE Cable Sheers Wire Cutters 380mm


Tolsen V80320 20 Piece Insulated VDE 3/8 Drive Scocket Set MasterTool Kit


Tolsen V33212 12 Piece Insulated VDE Interchangeable Screwdriver Set Electrician



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