New Road Legal MK2 Build Starts!

Some exciting news today! We have partnered up with GBS (Great British Sports Cars) to develop the new MK2 Escort’s as new registered road cars.

These will be brand new cars on current registration plates and we will be working closely with GBS on the development to meet the IVA test requirements.

The all new Mk2 Escort’s will be based on a group-4 spec bodyshell, powered by a brand new Ford supplied 2.5L Duratec on ATR billet throttle bodies & Life ECU. Mazda 6-speed gearbox, Atlas axle, AP Racing brakes, Bilstein coilovers etc.

They will be supplied as complete road going cars or in kit form, and can easily be converted to a rally car if required,

More news on the red prototype MK2 over the next few months

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