New BDG Engines now available

As part of our full range of Group-4 Escort range we can now supply brand new fully built BDG engines to complete the full car build package. These hand built BDG / BDA engines are available as a complete unit, usually assembled to order to customer exact specification, for either road, rally or full rack spec. The most common variant is the alloy block 2.0 BDG on twin 48 Weber carbs for use Historic Escorts, Mk1 and Mk. We can also supply the Lucas fuel injected version usin all brand new parts. Alternatively the kugelfischer injection system can also be supplied.


The ultimate BDG fuel injection engine. Historic legal Lucas mechanical system on slide throttle. Available as a unit fully dyno run for optimum power and reliability.
Alloy block with optional Nicasil liners. Steel crank and con rods, CNC machined full race or rally spec head.
Prices start from £21,000 + VAT for complete fully built/dyno engine. World wide shipping can be arranged

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