Motorsport Tools Mk2 Escort

  • First Rally for the Motorsport-Tools Escort Mk2

    Well finally we got to take the Motorsport Tools Escort Mk2 out on a competitive event, we competed on the Toyota Harlech stages last weekend, unfortunately it was a DNF due to a slight problem with the hydraulic clutch master cylinder, but we got to test the Escort on a rally and we did 6 out of 8 stages so not too bad.

    The event took place on the Llanbedar airfield near Harlech, North Wales, local to us, just down the road and was organized by our local motor club Harlech and district motor club. Well done to them on a very well run event.

    The couple of weeks leading up to the event was very dry and sunny so we stocked up in some hard compound tyres, the airfield tarmac is very abrasive so hard compound is a must when its dry, but typically the day of the rally it poured down all day with a lot of standing water, so our slick tyres were not much use, it was very difficult puting the power down, the rear wheel was spinning in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear and loads of sideways!

    It was the first time we got to use the Quaife 60g gearbox in anger, and it was a pleasure, worked great with very nice gear changes up and down, the ratios were spot on. The Millington Diamond 2.5L engine was also great, never missed a beat all day and has loads of torque, pulls like a train!


    Overall a good test and shakedown for the Escort, cant wait to get out again, next event Anglesey circuit in June.

    Images courtesy of: Sonya Jones Rally Photography



  • Motorsport-Tools Millington Escort Mk2 finished!

    Finally the Escort Mk2 project is finished, well not quite, still a few things to do before its ready for a rally but it drives and we have taken it for a blast down the road a few times and yes its very fast.

    Here we have some photos from the Classic Ford shoot we did last month. The January edition, now out in the shops has a 4 page feature on the Escort + a free 2016 calendar.




    2.5L Millington Diamond engine, 300BHP and loads of torque!


    The engine we have fitted is a series-1 Millington Diamond, these are based on the Coswortth YB engines. It has a modified Cosworth 16v twin cam head bolted on to Millington's own aluminium block


    The dry sump pumps takes drive directly off the timing belt. The coil pack is mounted on to the rear of the pump. All plumbing is done with Motamec hose and fittings. -12 and -10 hoses are used for the dry sump system.


    Gearbox is the Quaife 60G 6-speed sequential gearbox

    IMG_3719 IMG_3712 IMG_3702

    The boot houses the alloy fuel tank, AH Fabrications dry sump tank and Bosch fuel injection pumps, filters etc.



    The cockpit is kept as simple as possible. The custom made wiring loom connects up to the stepper motor Motamec gauges, we have used the analogue dial gauges for the traditional look and they are easier to read than digital. Other features include RIX power steering, vertical hydraulic handbrake, bias pedal box with hydraulic clutch, heated screen...


    Seats are the Motamec evo-one FIA seats and 6 point harness.


    Here we have a Safety Devices multi point weld in cage, the rear suspension is 6 linked and turreted, big tunnels, firewalled etc.


    Front suspension is made up of AVO 3 way adjustable dampers, Fully adjustable RIX Engineering WRC type uprights and the front brakes are AP Racing 4 pot CP5219, the largest brakes that will fit under 13" wheels. The discs are WRC type with J-Hook groves.


    And here is some sideways action down our lane...

  • VIDEO: Quaife 60G Sequential Gearbox In Car Test




    Quaife 60G Sequential Gearbox In Car Test

    In car per road test of Quaife 60G sequential gearbox, heavy duty tailcase version.

    What do you think?

  • VIDEO: First Start of Millington Diamond Engine Project




    Loom wiring now sorted. So first test run of the Millington conducted this morning. Thanks to Roy Millington and Alex at DTA for all their help yesterday. Enjoy the sound!!! project modern tarmac spec mk2 Ford Escort first start up. Running a Millington Diamond Series 1 2.5 N/A engine.

    There is some belt slip at the beginning of the video and it was idling very low at first. Both of these things where fixed before the end part of the video.

    What do you think?

  • Escort Mk2 Project - Update!

    Again a few months has passed by with not a lot done to the Escort Mk2 project due to being very busy with other projects at Motorsport Tools.
    The wiring loom has finally arrived, so we have been working away this past week and trying to get our heads round the best to route the wires etc..
    Here are some of the latest photos, more coming soon...




  • Escort Mk2 Group4 Project update!

    We have been very busy the last few months so have not had time to do much work on the Escort project or updating the blog. Here are some photos that we have taken recently showing where we are with the build:


    Droping in the Millington Diamond engine


    The Quaife 60G 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox. Also bolted in the new Motamec Vertical Hydraulic Handbrake


    Plumbing in the AH Fabrications dry sump tank with -12 Motamec oil hose and fittings


    The Lifeline Zero 2000 Plumbed in Fire Extinguisher system, FIA approved, 4 Litre bottle


    Running the lines, Motamec -12 oil, -6 fuel and -3 brake


  • Millington Diamond Cosworth Engine is finally here!

    The new engine and gearbox is here at last! We have sourced a Series 1 Millington Diamond Cosworth engine for the Escort project, should go well!


    A 2.5L Millington Diamond engine, 16v twin cam based on the YB Cosworth motor, these are the ultimate in N/A rally engines and should produce over 300BHP and 230+ ft/lb of torque




    Series 1 Millington Diamond has a lightweight all alloy block, specially
    manufactured to replace the original YB's heavy Cast Iron block


    The Series 1 uses a heavily modified Cosworth YB head, developed by Roy
    Millington for use as a naturally aspirated rally / race engine


    Dry sump pump takes drive from the timing belt. The distributor is neatly mounted behind.


    The Millington Diamond engine is fueled by Jenvey fuel injection


    Direct gas flow gives the Millington Diamond engine superior power and torque


    Special lightweight race flywheel and twin plate AP clutch



    We use these Motamec Engine Stands to transport and store the engine,
    made of steel with powder coated finish, bolts straight on to any Ford















  • Fitting PIAA Spotlamps & Escort Mk2 Quick Release brackets

    Today we have been fitting our quick release spotlamp brackets on to the Escort. This is straight forward job, just drill some holes and bolt them on. The wiring will be done later when the loom is fitted.


    Escort Mk2 Quick Release Spotlamp Brackets sold as a pair with bolts.

    2345342 2345345345

    Drill holes and bolt the mounting brackets on to the the front panel.


    The quick release bracket then bolts under the mounting brackets with 3x M8 bolts.


    The bumper can then be fitted under the brackets. The spot lamps are bolted on, we will be using 4 spotlamps, 2 up and 2 down.


    The lamp of choice here is the PIAA 80 Competition Series, we have used 2 spot and 2 drive lenses.



    Job done, complete with the PIAA lamp covers, supplied with the lamps.

    Here are the Mk2 spotlamp brackets
    We also do the Escort Mk1 spotlamp brackets
    PIAA Spotlamps come with bulbs and plastic covers
    Fabric Historic Lamp Covers also available
    An alternative, more cost efective Maxtel Spotlamps are also available
    Full range of Escort Mk1 and Mk2 lamps are lights are also available

  • New Group4 Atlas Axle for the Escort

    Today we take a look at the Escort's axle, The Atlas is based on the Ford Capri axle and was used on the works Group 4 Escorts as a stronger alternative to the standard English axle. The Atlas axle is still used today on Escort rally car due to their reliability.


    This is the wide version for use with tarmac arches, thick tube casing with diamond shaped 4 link brackets. Alloy brace and watts linkage diff cover. Internally we have used a Gripper LSD and a 5.1:1 ratio crown wheel and pinion.


    Fully floating, twin tapered bearing rear alloy hubs with heavy duty half shafts and alloy flanges with group 4 studs. The fully floating rear hubs have the bearings located on the out side of the axle casing which takes the full weight of the car. The half shafts only transmits torque from the diff to the wheels. The half shaft and flange can be taken out without removing the hub assembly.


    For brakes we have used AP Racing CP2382 2 Pot calipers with AP vented discs, Ferodo DS3000 pads.


    Motamec braided hoses were used. Note the bolt on caliper skid to protect the brake lines.


    Brackets bolted on to hold the remote canisters for the AVO 3 way adjustable dampers.



    Hanging under the body shell with the AVO remote canisters are in place, just nee to bolt the 4 link and watts linkage arms on...

  • Fitting the AP Racing Brakes on to the Escort Mk2

    The next step: front brakes! The Escort will be sitting on 13" wheels so we have gone for the largest AP Racing brake kit that will fit under the 13" wheel, the CP5219 4 pot caliper kit.

    htdesgrea VFGDWGFQW


    AP 4 pot racing caliper CP5219, radial mounted, a work of art!fghfhghk

    AP Racing 277 x 25mm discs, complete with AP mounting kit and alloy bells




    Mounted on to the Rix Engineering suspension via the alloy Group 4 hubs and bells. Fitted with Group 4 studs. Precision CNC made caliper mounting bracket ensures correct location of the 4 pot racing caliper.


    All mounted up, ready for the wheels (will be a while until the Escort will be rolling, need to finish the rear axle first)
    This is the ultimate Escort Mk2 brake kit for tarmac rally / race for use with 13" wheels

     AP Racing Brake kit CP5219

    Ferodo Brake DS3000 Pads CP5219


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