VEC - 2.0 XE Escort Mk2

The original Motorsport-Tools Mk2 Escort, 2.0 Vauxhall XE
  • A quick update on VEC

    The Mk2 Escort having a little refresh after being in storage, lick of paint inside, with new extinguishers going in. The original seats and harnesses will be going back in for now until FIA dated seats are required to do a rally.
    Engine servide next, new oil, filerts, belts etc. ready for start up next week.
    Engine spec: JRE  2.0 XE Vauxhall engine, all steel bottom end, dry sump,  touring car spec head, Jenvy throttle bodies, OMEX ECU, twin plate 7.25 clutch, currently mated to a Quaife type 9 dog engagement gearbox (H-pattern)

  • VEC100V - The original Motorsport Tools Escort Mk2

    Originally built as a Group4 tarmac rally car back in 2004, competing on a wide range of event through Wales and the north west, mostly single venue tarmac rallies and later some closed road events in Ireland including the famous Carlow Mk2 challenge and West Cork in 2007. We then moved on to various forest events in Wales such as the Cambran rally, mid wales stages, Sweet Lamb etc.

    Having been in storage for the last 5 years due to business commitments and other projects, we think its time to bring the VEC out again for some action. Will be doing a full service over the next few weeks including new upgrades, new seats, extinguishers , harnesses and a general freshen up.

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