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  • For Sale: Mk2 rally car rolling shell - Ideal for rally or fast road project

    Well known successful rally cars, tarmac ‘Modern Grp4’ spec, now fully restored.

    Full weld in multi-point SD rollcage, turret mounted including front triangulation
    6 linked & large 15” rear tubs
    Round turrets & big tunnels
    Latest FIA seat mounts
    Fuel & dry sump tank mounts
    Usual group-4 gussets & skids
    15” Tramac alloy arches
    Alloy front and rear spoilers
    Carbon composite bonnet and boot,
    Carbon bonnet air scoop and roof vent
    New bronze tint polycarbonate window kit
    Heated screen
    All new window seals
    New wing mirrors
    Alloy driver and codriver footrests
    New Motamerc steering wheel
    New headlights, indicators & grill
    New rear lights
    Lightweight fiberglass bumpers
    Painted throughout in red with black detail

    New front and rear Group-4 Bilstein coilovers - 0 miles
    New crossmember and steering rack – 0 miles
    New Group4 alloy hubs & studs – 0 miles
    Fabricated TCAs & compression struts – 100 miles
    Ultimate AP Racing 4 pot CP9440 calipers on 304mm discs – 50 miles
    All New Rix Engineering fully floating tarmac axle – 0 miles (cost £6000)
    Gripper LSD, 4.6 CWP – 0 miles
    AP Racing 4 pot rear brakes CP7613 – 0 miles
    All new Rix Engineering heavy duty link arms and rod ends
    Power steering column

    Sitting on Revolution 8 spoke wheels, 8x15 front, 9x15 rear
    Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic moulded tarmac slicks (tyres cost £900)

    Sold with original registration and MSA logbook
    Car can be supplied with various parts kit or can be fully built to customer spec.
    Please contact us for more details
    Serious enquiries only please


  • Latest Flight Cases Now In Stock

    Looking for a more professional way to move your tools around, we've got the answer for you here.

    We now stock a variety of tool flight cases, with multiple options on how to kit them out. You can get just a simple case for loading your tools into, all the way up to a rally spec kit, coming complete with tools.



    Above is the Motamec Service Flight Case MTB-200. It comes complete with the foam lining seen above if you want it, as well as a kit needed to make your own cutaways for your tools.

    External dimensions for these are 550mm x 400mm x 160mm (520mm x 370mm x 150mm internally).


    As for colours of the case, you have the choice of either blue, green, red, or black. You also have five choices for the foam insert; grey, red, orange, green, or blue.

    The next setup will be more suited to you if you have a lot more tools to carry around.


    This is the Motamec Service Flight Case MTB-100. It's slightly smaller than the MTB-200 (external dimensions 490mm x 350mm x 195mm) but comes with two liners. Each liner has 24 elasticated grips on it to reduce the risk of your tools moving around and both of the liners sit comfortably into the top cover of the case, doubling the storage on the top and leaving you with the bottom half to fill with whatever you need.

    If you don't want to leave the bottom half of the case unorganized, then there is the option of getting the case with an additional, bespoke alloy tray.


    As with the MTB-200 listed at the top of the post, this one also comes with the option of four different colours, blue, black, red, and green.

    If you're just getting started and need a good set of tools, or just need something to take on the road with you instead of your usual set, we've got an option for you too.



    This is the Motamec Motorsport Tool Kit. It's got the same dimensions as the MTB-200 case listed at the top, but comes with everything you see in it, and also comes in the same four colour options as the other two cases listed here, and the choice of either black and red, or gray and red foam insert. The full tool kit includes;

    Motamec 18v Cordless Impact Wrench - Lithium-Ion - 430 ft/lb / 588Nm Torque
    Spare Motamec 18v Battery - Lithium-Ion
    Motamec 18v Battery Charger & Lead
    10pc - 1/2 Drive Deep Impact Sockets
    3pc - 1/2 Drive Deep Alloy Wheel Impact Sockets
    1/2 Drive Breaker Bar
    1/2 Drive Extension Bar
    Ball Peen Hammer
    Rubber Mallet
    2 x Pry Bars
    Heavy Duty Magnetic Pickup Tool
    Locktite - Medium Strength
    Tyre Pressure Gauge
    Tyre Marking Pen
    SMD Mini Work Light
    LED / Pickup Tool
    Wire Brush
    CNC Cut Foam Inserts - Including 8 Spare Wheel Nut Slots (Wheel nuts not included).


    All of the cases listed above are designed for professional use and are extremely hard wearing. They all comes with heavy duty ball corners and extruded aluminium edges to reduce impact damage. They all also have a 5mm thick stainless steel name plaque, come fully padded to prevent damage to your tools, and are all lockable.


  • HANS Devices & The MSA Guide 2015-2016




    The MSA Announcement

    On June the 9th the MSA Council voted to male FIA approved Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) mandatory for Stage Rallying, Hill Climb and Sprint (with certain exceptions in each) from 1st January 2016 onward.

    Summary from the MSA;

    "Motor Sports Council, the MSA’s rule-making body, has voted to mandate the use of Frontal Head Restraints in Stage Rallying, Hill Climb and Sprint – with certain exceptions in each – from 2016 onward.

    The decisions were taken yesterday (9 June) at the second of Council’s three meetings in 2015, held at Motor Sports House.

    After a very lengthy debate, it was decided that from 1 January 2016 an FIA-approved FHR will be mandatory for all Stage Rally competitors, except for those in Historic Category One vehicles, for whom it will be a recommendation in 2016 and mandatory from 2017.

    It was also decided that from 1 January 2016 an FIA-approved FHR will be mandatory for all Hill Climb and Sprint competitors, except for those in Period Defined Vehicles, Road-going Series Production Cars and Road-going Specialist Production Cars. Nonetheless, it will be recommended for those excepted competitors.

    The relevant new regulations – along with all others approved by Motor Sports Council yesterday – will be published in due course."


    Early Development of the HANS Device

    The device was designed in the early 1980s by Dr. Robert Hubbard and Jim Downing, following the death of one of their mutual friends, Patrick Jacquemart who was killed in an IMSA testing accident at Mid-Ohio. The first prototype was developed in 1985, and in crash tests in 1989 (the first to use crash sleds and crash dummies using race car seat belt harnesses) the energy exerted on the head and neck was lowered by some 80%.

    The HANS Device became mandatory for Champ Car in 2001, Forumla 1 in 2003 and the World Rally CHamp WRC for the 2005 season. The FIA then made the HANS device compulsory for all international event from 2009.


    HANS Device Guidelines


    • The HANS Device is worn UNDER your safety harness.
    • Belt adjusters should rest on or below the lower portion on the HANS Device.
    • Change or remove padding for best fit, pads are for comfort only.
    • Never modify the body of the HANS Device.


    HANS_device_01 HANS_device_02


    Head Rest Clearance

    • The HANS Device may lightly contact the helmet or head rest.
    • If your HANS pushes your head forward uncomfortably, a more upright device may be required.
    • The HANS Device may move back and forth a little during racing.


    Belt Mounting

    Quote from the MSA;

    "The shoulder strap mounting points should be lower than the point at which the straps bear down on the HANS, such that the straps make an angle of 10 Degrees to the horizontal. The mounting points must be equally disposed about the user’s centre line so that straps spread outward slightly from the mountings and around the HANS. This helps to keep the straps firmly engaged with the HANS."

    QSG Belt Overhead Generic

    • If the mounting points for the belts are far behind the seat, the belt mounts should be very close together. (Belts may touch or even be crossed over each other if necessary)
    • 75-100mm distance between inner edges (shown above) is typical.
    • If the mounting points are close to the seat, the width between the inner edges of the belts should be equal to or 25mm (1 inch) less than the width of the HANS Device.
    • HANS works with any 2" or 3" shoulder harness.
    • Mount should belts of harness 25-50mm below the horizontal. ( MSA quote "10 Degrees to the horizontal" )


    HANS Device Tethers

    • Standard 450mm length tethers fit most applications
    • DO NOT over tighten tether carrier screws.
    • Tethers are dated. Replace every 5 years. Also replace after major impacts or sooner if wear is observed.


    Helmet Anchor Points - Helmet Posts

    We have conflicting advise on if a non HANS helmet can be fitted with HANS anchor points. So we will refer you to the below quotes from the governing bodies.


    Quote from the MSA;

    "The helmet must be equipped by the helmet manufacturer or agent with FIA homologated fixation points and the helmet must be manufactured in accordance with one of the required Standards. Some helmets are specifically manufactured and homologated for use with HANS"


    Quote from the FIA;

    "5. Helmets with HANS®

    5.1 An FIA approved helmet conforming to FIA 8858-2002 or FIA 8860-2004 (or latest revisions) fitted with helmet-tether-anchorages shall be used. Please refer to FIA Technical List 29 for further details.

    5.2 The position of the helmet-tether-anchorages shall comply with FIA 8858-2002. It is strongly
    recommended to use helmets with helmet-tether-anchorage inserts fitted by the manufacturer
    as original equipment: these are identified by a glossy silver holographic FIA label.

    5.3 Original Equipment helmet-anchorages should not be removed for painting the helmet.
    However, if it is apparent that the helmet-anchorages have been removed, they shall be correctly
    refitted with thread locking compound."


    USEFUL LINKS - We highly recommend your read these in preparation for using a HANS Device.

    FIA HANS Device PDF Guidelines (Issued: 01/07/2007)

    MSA HANS Device PDF Guidelines

    HANS Performance Products USA - HANS Device Quick Start Guide PDF (Dated: August 2014)


    The HANS Performance Products USA Range


    HANS Device Sport 2 II FIA 20 Degree Large

    HANS Device Sport 2 II FIA 20 Degree Medium


    hans_device_fia_sport2_front hans_device_fia_sport2_back

    • SFI and FIA approved
    • Entry Level Pricing with the Same Safety Performance as Professional Series HANS Device
    • Equipped with Sport anchors
    • Sliding Tethers
    • Injection molded super structural thermoplastics
    • 20 degree size Large
    • Weighs 918gms


    HANS Device Sport III 3 FIA 20 Degree Medium

    HANS Device Sport III 3 FIA 20 Degree Large


    hans_device_fia_sport3_front hans_device_fia_sport3_back

    The HANS III represents the third generation of injection molded HANS devices and features a contemporary approach to reducing weight. Using an all new design and polymer, the device features a hollow collar that substantially minimizes weight. Engineered reinforcements ensure an exceptionally strong structure that provides the same level of safety as every HANS device. The reduced mass guarantees the lightest and most comfortable injection molded HANS ever.

    • SFI and FIA approved
    • Entry Level Pricing with the Same Safety Performance as Professional Series HANS Device
    • Sliding Tethers
    • Injection molded super structural thermoplastics
    • 20 degree
    • Weighs 600gms (Medium) / 650g (Large)


    HANS Device Adjustable FIA Medium

    HANS Device Adjustable FIA Large



    • SFI and FIA approved
    • Device adjusts in 5 degree increments, from 10 to 40 degrees
    • Sliding Tethers
    • Injection molded super structural thermoplastics
    • Weighs 1085gms


    HANS Device Pro Ultra Carbon Fibre FIA 20 Degree Medium

    HANS Device Pro Ultra Carbon Fibre FIA 20 Degree Large



    hans_device_fia_proultra_front hans_device_fia_proultra_back

    The Pro Ultra device applies lightweight construction of the Carbon Fiber Pro series to the modern new shape of the Sport II. The Ultra saves on weight and allows for easy entry and exit from the race car, even smaller tighter vehicles. The 100% carbon fiber construction features a hollow core for increased weight reduction without sacrificing strength.


    • SFI and FIA approved
    • 100% Carbon Fiber Construction
    • Sliding Tethers
    • Light Weight 644gms (medium)/ 734gms (large)
  • Back in Stock- Motamec Laser Wheel Alignment Tracking Gauges

    These Motamec laser tracking gauges are now back in stock, ideal for the home mechanic and race / rally teams, simple to use, works just like the Dunlop type tracking gauges!

    Buy it now: Motamec Tracking Gauges

    12323 212142 1123432


  • New TOLSEN tool brand added this week including VDE Line


    Our newest tool brand Tolsen is now in stock, Tolsen are great value hand tools for professional and DIY use at a very competitive price. The yellow coloured tools are for general use and the red VDE Line range are insulated for use with live circuits up to 1000v.

    25042-ts 10044-ts 10003-ts

    The Tolsen tools range include a massive range of pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, socket sets etc. Professional quality hand tools at an affordable price. See our Tolsen Tools range

    Tolsen20Logo banner2

    The VDE Line by Tolsen is a range of insulated hand tools fore use on 1000v live circuits. These are professional quality tools used world wide in the electrical trade. See our VDE Line range

    v90047-ts v80115-ts v33450-ts

    The Tolsen VDE technical tools that carry the VDE-GS mark conform to the
    VDE regulations and comply with European or internationally harmonised
    standards. These electrical products are tested in a series of impact,
    electrical, insulation and other product property tests and comply with
    the safety requirements of the respective guidelines.

    Tolsen VDE Insulated tools that are marked with the symbol of the double
    triangle and the assigned voltage or voltage range are suitable for
    working on energised parts at the stated voltage.

    The Tolsen VDE insulated tools that comply with the IEC 60900:2004
    international standards are designed under a detailed set of rules and
    are subject to a series of specific tests for checking the electrical
    safety of the protective insulation.

    Best sellers:


    Tolsen V12038 Insulated VDE Cable Sheers Wire Cutters 380mm


    Tolsen V80320 20 Piece Insulated VDE 3/8 Drive Scocket Set MasterTool Kit


    Tolsen V33212 12 Piece Insulated VDE Interchangeable Screwdriver Set Electrician



  • Check out this months new products, Oil catch tanks, sill stands, footrests...




    We have been working on some new products lately to add to our never ending range of motorsport parts, here's some of the latest stuff:


    DSCF1191_logo fghfkfgk


    Motamec alloy rally car co-driver foot rest, available in plain aluminium or powder coated black. Top quality TIG welded footrest for your navigator.

    Motamec Alloy Foot Rest

    Motamec Alloy Foot Rest BLACK



    DSCF1536v01_logo2 DSCF1201v01_logo3 DSCF1200V02_logo

    Motamec oil catch tanks, 1 litre capacity, with or without a breather cap. Complete with sight gauge and drain plug. Required for most motorsport events to prevent oil loss on race tracks, pits, service areas etc.

    Motamec Oil Catch Tank

    Motamec Oil Catch Tank with Cap





    New design high speed rally wheel brace, WRC type with 19mm socket. Includes in car mounting bracket. Black powder coated finish.

    Motamec WRC Wheel Brace





    DSCF1057_v02ok_logo DSCF1175v01_logo

    WRC Works style sill stands, CNC machined pins, TIG welded steel frames with wheel nut trays. Two pin sizes available 20mm or 25mm. As used by professional race and rally teams.

    Motamec WRC Sill Stands 20mm

    Motamec WRC Sill Stands 25mm





    Escort Mk2 Alloy centre console switch panel, replaces the original Ford plastic ash tray panel, very smart, TIG welded aluminium with punched and flared side holes.

    Escort Mk2 Alloy centre console switch panel






    New Escort mk1 or Mk2 alloy radiator to suit the Cosworth YB or Millington Diamond engine, has the correct top hose fitting for a neat installation. These Escort rally spec aluminium radiators come complete with mounting brackets for Spal fan. and a fan switch boss.

    Escort Alloy Radiator YB Cosworth or Millington


  • Which Brake Fluid?



    I came to work this morning knowing I needed brake fluid. I was going to order some DOT5, simple! The higher the DOT number the better right? Well if you look at this table of DOT brake fluid standards you'd be forgiven for thinking the same:

    Dry boiling point

    Wet boiling point

    DOT 3
    205 °C (401 °F)
    140 °C (284 °F)
    DOT 4
    230 °C (446 °F)
    155 °C (311 °F)
    DOT 5
    260 °C (500 °F)
    180 °C (356 °F)
    DOT 5.1
    260 °C (500 °F)
    180 °C (356 °F)


    But the table above doesn't tell you the full story. Let's have a look at another table;

    Dry boiling point

    Wet boiling point

    Viscosity limit

    Primary constituent

    DOT 2
    190 °C (374 °F)
    140 °C (284 °F)
    Castor oil/alcohol
    DOT 3
    205 °C (401 °F)
    140 °C (284 °F)
    1500 mm2/s
    Glycol Ether
    DOT 4
    230 °C (446 °F)
    155 °C (311 °F)
    1800 mm2/s
    Glycol Ether/Borate Ester
    DOT 5
    260 °C (500 °F)
    180 °C (356 °F)
    900 mm2/s
    DOT 5.1
    260 °C (500 °F)
    180 °C (356 °F)
    900 mm2/s
    Glycol Ether/Borate Ester


    As you can see the DOT standards also refer to what the fluid is made out of. The boiling points listed are the minimum required to meet those DOT standards.

    What you need to know is that Glycol-ether is hygroscopic meaning its water absorbing. It will absorb water from the atmosphere as soon as you unscrew the lid off your shiny new brake fluid bottle. The wet boiling point ratings are based on 3.7% water content. I have seen it said that it takes 2 years for fluid to absorb 3% water but this figure increases when under heavy use, motorsport use!

    DOT5 is made of silicone so its hydrophobic, it does not absorb water. However because it doesn't absorb water any water that finds its way into the system will remain as water 'globules", long term this can cause spongy brakes and in some cases corrosion.

    DOT5.1 is recommended for cars with ABS and ESP due to its "constant viscosity under a wide range of temperatures"

    NOTE: You must never mix DOT5 silicone brake fluid with any of the other Glycol based brake fluids.



    Now let's look at some boiling points for some popular high spec brake fluids:

    Brake Fluid

    DOT Rating

    Dry Boiling Point

    Wet Boiling Point

    RRP / Litre

    Castrol SRF

    DOT 4

    310C / 590F

    270C / 518F


    AP Racing 600

    DOT 4

    300C / 572F

    204C / 399F


    Motul RBF 660

    DOT 4

    325C / 617F

    204C / 399F


    ATE Super Blue ( or Type 200)

    DOT 4

    280C / 536F

    200C / 292F


    Wilwood 570

    DOT 3

    300C / 573F

    140C / 284F


    AP Racing Formula 5.1

    DOT 5.1

    275C / 527F

    185C / 365F


    Automec DOT 5

    DOT 5

    260C / 500F

    180C / 356F


    AP Racing 551

    DOT 4

    275C / 527F

    150C / 302F



    Here are the links to the brake fluid available from;

    ATE "Super Blue" Type 200 Dot 4 Racing Motorsport Brake Fluid Boiling Point 280C

    AP Racing Formula Dot 5.1 Performance Brake Fluid Boiling Point 269C 500ml

    Castrol React SRF Racing Motorsport Brake Fluid Boiling Point 310C 1LTR

    AP Racing 600 Brake Fluid 500ml Boiling Point 312C

    Wilwood 12Oz 350ml Hi Temp Racing Motorsport Brake Fluid 570F DOT3

    Automec DOT 5 Silicone Brake & Clutch Fluid 1 Litre 1000ml High Performance



    I am by no means an expert on brake fluid, all of the above information was gathered by searching and reading on the internet, forums, product descriptions, chats with brake fluid manufacturers and Wikipedia.

    I did find some interesting discussion on ATE Super Blue (or Type 200) vs Castrol SRF brake fluid. They are both highly rated by motorsport competitors but have very different price points. The advice in choosing was that if you like to change your brake fluid regularly then ATE Super Blue is very cost effective. But it you really don't change your brake fluid often then the Castrol SRF, because of its excellent wet boiling point rating, can also be very cost effective despite its much higher price.

    I think I'll be taking home some ATE Super Blue for my own car as it's such a bargain but I think we'll be topping up the Escort project with the Castrol SRF.

    Please feel free to share your experiences and opinions in the comments section below.



  • New Motamec FIA Harnesses & Bucket Seats


    We are now shipping the most recent batch of Motamec FIA Approved items.

    We have GRP reinforced fiberglass FIA Homologation bucket seats with date of manufacture December 2013. Produced in compliance with FIA Standard 8855-1999. Motamec EVOONE Racing Seat.

    To compliment the racing seats we have Motamec 4 point and 6 point FIA Approved Harnesses, available in red, black or blue. Motamec harnesses feature alloy shoulder adjusters for comfort and a velcro fastener for intercom or drink systems. The new harnesses are marked in accordance with new FIA rules "not valid after 2019" and feature the most recent spec FIA holograms. All Motamec Harnesses carry the new FIA Holograms, mandatory for all FIA harnesses manufactured after January 1st 2013. Produced in compliance with FIA Standard 8853/98 & 8854/98.

    Motamec FIA 4 Point Harnesses

    Motamec FIA 6 Point Harnesses

    Motamec FIA GRP Seat

    The Motamec harnesses and seats are available as a complete kit, click here for details - Motamec FIA Kit Seats & Harnesses Set

    IMG_7588 IMG_7593 IMG_7602 IMG_7604

  • Facom Tools Range Now Online




    We are pleased to have added 6500+ Facom products to the website today. We have been working on the Facom Tools range for a very long time. Getting all the pictures and descriptions ready for the website.

    Here is what Facom have to say about themselves:

    Facom is the leading European brand in hand tools, working for over ninety years with automotive and industrial maintenance professionals. A selection of products is also available for the general public do-it-yourself market.
    Facom offers a full range of over 8000 products through its distribution network, which include the storage product range (trolleys, cabinets, benches, portable storage etc.), standard tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers etc.) and specialist tools (Automotive, Electrical, Aerospace etc.) to meet the needs of all repair technicians.

    Facom are suppliers to Citroen WRC, Tech3 Yamaha MotoGP, Toro Rosso F1 Team, Sebastien Loeb Racing and many more.

    There tools are well know for there quality. Here are some of our favorite Facom Tools related pictures:

    Facom Tools at the Citroen WRC rally service.


    Facom Tools used by German Racing Teams.


    Facom Citroen WRC


    Facom "Assistance Technique" truck.


    Facom at the MotoGP, nice Facom Torque Wrench!


    Facom used by Yamaha Tech3 MotoGP Team.


    The Facom sponsored Sebastien Loeb Racing McLaren GT MP4-12C GT3



    Facom Tools

  • ProMatic - New range of Spray Paints now in Stock

    We now stock a range of 24 types of sparay paints from ProMatic


    Our range of ProMatic paints include primers, matt, satin and gloss. Stonechip, bumpersprays, high tempreture coatings etc.


    Reasonably prices starting at £4 each + vat, in stock for same day dispatch!

    Full range of ProMatic paints available here: ProMatic Paints & Aerosols

    Promatic paints are a high quality range of refinishing products
    developed to provide consistent quality but at sustainable pricing
    without compromising on the use of quality ingredients. All Promatic
    aerosols are manufactured using the latest technology of solvents and
    spray nozzles and actuators

    Please note: We can onle send to UK addresses, no export sorry


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