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  • The All New 2021 MST MK1 is here!

    We did it, the All New 2021 MK1 is here… on 71 plates!
    MST Cars brings you the first Brand New Mk1 since the 1970’s, hand built in North Wales, UK!
    Officially launched this weekend at Manchester Central, Late Brake Show with Jonny Smith.
    Next stop: The Classic Motor Show NEC, Birmingham, 12 – 14 November, come and say hello, we will also be giving away our new 2022 parts catalogue
    MST Mk1 & Mk2 are all bespoke and build to order, for touring, fast road, race or rally.
    Brief spec of this car:
    Brand new hand built rally spec bodyshell, bubble arched with weld in cage
    2.0L BDG race engine, de-tuned for road use
    5-speed close ratio gearbox
    Rally spec Atlas axle with LSD
    Bilstein coilover suspension
    AP Racing Brakes
    Genuine Minilite wheels
    LIFE Racing ECU & PDM / CANbus electrical system
    Electric power steering
    Fully bespoke interior trim, featuring real leather and Alcantara
    Various options and upgrades include:
    Millington Diamond 2.5 to 2.8L engine
    2.5L Duratec engine
    6 speed H-pattern or sequential gearbox
    Paddle & flat shift, launch & traction control
    Reiger suspension
    Various wheel sizes
    Road or full race / rally trim
    Prices start from £85k + VAT
    World wide export
    Please get in touch for more info
    MST Cars Ltd / Motorsport Tools UK Ltd. Is not authorized or otherwise affiliated with the Ford Motor Company.
  • Millington Race Engines

    Millington Race Engines are official suppliers for MST Cars. Our top end engine option will include variations of the world famous Millington Diamond engine, with engine capacity options from 2.0L to 2.8L and power outputs of over 350BHP from this super lightweight all alloy, naturally aspirated engine. Each engine is built in house at Millington's using state of the art CNC machines such as the 5 axis DMG Mori. All engines are hand built before they are dyno tested, all done in-house at Millington

  • So here it is, a world first Brand New Mk2 Rally Car!


    So here it is, a world first! The first fully built and finished 100% NEW Mk2 modern rally car! Brand new build using one of our new Mk2 shells, built over the last year and ran on the rollers today, ready for its first event next weekend, Duratec engine: 324bhp and 230ft/lb. A video clip coming shortly. 
    Brand new Escort Mk2 shell supplied by motorsport Tools in 2018. Car built by Rallyextreme for Shaun Weston

  • Motorsport-Tools Sponsors the Opel Adam R2 Once Again


    If you're heading out to watch any of the Vauxhall Adam R2's racing over the next year, keep an eye out for some familiar products. This is the second successive year that we've offered our support to the team, and to be fair, the results have been really favorable. Recently, they had the above car on show down the road from us during the Dayinsure Wales Rally GB and it was drawing a lot of attention.

    This year around, we've provided the team with a lot more than we have in previous years. As you can see above, there's a full set of our Motamec GP1 FIA approved seats, as well as our Motamec 6-Point FIA approved racing harnesses.

    As well as the seat and harnesses that we've provided for the team, we've also given them one of our steering wheels to complete the look of the internals. One of our black, deep dish steering wheels if you're curious...

    Away from the business end of the car, we've also supplied a load of the sundries that make the car. As above, we've supplied the team with a Motamec Racing Helmet Hammock.

    And also one of the Motamec Light Weight Wheel Braces.

    We didn't just help kit out the interior of the car. You'll also see some of our products on the exterior. Such as the Motamec Tow Straps on the front and rear.

    And also we gave the team a set of our Motamec Scrutineer Safety Decal Stickers. A small but necessary touch on the outside of the car.


    So there we go. If you happen to get chance to see any of these cars running over the next year, keep an eye out for our products

  • HANS Devices & The MSA Guide 2015-2016




    The MSA Announcement

    On June the 9th the MSA Council voted to male FIA approved Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) mandatory for Stage Rallying, Hill Climb and Sprint (with certain exceptions in each) from 1st January 2016 onward.

    Summary from the MSA;

    "Motor Sports Council, the MSA’s rule-making body, has voted to mandate the use of Frontal Head Restraints in Stage Rallying, Hill Climb and Sprint – with certain exceptions in each – from 2016 onward.

    The decisions were taken yesterday (9 June) at the second of Council’s three meetings in 2015, held at Motor Sports House.

    After a very lengthy debate, it was decided that from 1 January 2016 an FIA-approved FHR will be mandatory for all Stage Rally competitors, except for those in Historic Category One vehicles, for whom it will be a recommendation in 2016 and mandatory from 2017.

    It was also decided that from 1 January 2016 an FIA-approved FHR will be mandatory for all Hill Climb and Sprint competitors, except for those in Period Defined Vehicles, Road-going Series Production Cars and Road-going Specialist Production Cars. Nonetheless, it will be recommended for those excepted competitors.

    The relevant new regulations – along with all others approved by Motor Sports Council yesterday – will be published in due course."


    Early Development of the HANS Device

    The device was designed in the early 1980s by Dr. Robert Hubbard and Jim Downing, following the death of one of their mutual friends, Patrick Jacquemart who was killed in an IMSA testing accident at Mid-Ohio. The first prototype was developed in 1985, and in crash tests in 1989 (the first to use crash sleds and crash dummies using race car seat belt harnesses) the energy exerted on the head and neck was lowered by some 80%.

    The HANS Device became mandatory for Champ Car in 2001, Forumla 1 in 2003 and the World Rally CHamp WRC for the 2005 season. The FIA then made the HANS device compulsory for all international event from 2009.


    HANS Device Guidelines


    • The HANS Device is worn UNDER your safety harness.
    • Belt adjusters should rest on or below the lower portion on the HANS Device.
    • Change or remove padding for best fit, pads are for comfort only.
    • Never modify the body of the HANS Device.


    HANS_device_01 HANS_device_02


    Head Rest Clearance

    • The HANS Device may lightly contact the helmet or head rest.
    • If your HANS pushes your head forward uncomfortably, a more upright device may be required.
    • The HANS Device may move back and forth a little during racing.


    Belt Mounting

    Quote from the MSA;

    "The shoulder strap mounting points should be lower than the point at which the straps bear down on the HANS, such that the straps make an angle of 10 Degrees to the horizontal. The mounting points must be equally disposed about the user’s centre line so that straps spread outward slightly from the mountings and around the HANS. This helps to keep the straps firmly engaged with the HANS."

    QSG Belt Overhead Generic

    • If the mounting points for the belts are far behind the seat, the belt mounts should be very close together. (Belts may touch or even be crossed over each other if necessary)
    • 75-100mm distance between inner edges (shown above) is typical.
    • If the mounting points are close to the seat, the width between the inner edges of the belts should be equal to or 25mm (1 inch) less than the width of the HANS Device.
    • HANS works with any 2" or 3" shoulder harness.
    • Mount should belts of harness 25-50mm below the horizontal. ( MSA quote "10 Degrees to the horizontal" )


    HANS Device Tethers

    • Standard 450mm length tethers fit most applications
    • DO NOT over tighten tether carrier screws.
    • Tethers are dated. Replace every 5 years. Also replace after major impacts or sooner if wear is observed.


    Helmet Anchor Points - Helmet Posts

    We have conflicting advise on if a non HANS helmet can be fitted with HANS anchor points. So we will refer you to the below quotes from the governing bodies.


    Quote from the MSA;

    "The helmet must be equipped by the helmet manufacturer or agent with FIA homologated fixation points and the helmet must be manufactured in accordance with one of the required Standards. Some helmets are specifically manufactured and homologated for use with HANS"


    Quote from the FIA;

    "5. Helmets with HANS®

    5.1 An FIA approved helmet conforming to FIA 8858-2002 or FIA 8860-2004 (or latest revisions) fitted with helmet-tether-anchorages shall be used. Please refer to FIA Technical List 29 for further details.

    5.2 The position of the helmet-tether-anchorages shall comply with FIA 8858-2002. It is strongly
    recommended to use helmets with helmet-tether-anchorage inserts fitted by the manufacturer
    as original equipment: these are identified by a glossy silver holographic FIA label.

    5.3 Original Equipment helmet-anchorages should not be removed for painting the helmet.
    However, if it is apparent that the helmet-anchorages have been removed, they shall be correctly
    refitted with thread locking compound."


    USEFUL LINKS - We highly recommend your read these in preparation for using a HANS Device.

    FIA HANS Device PDF Guidelines (Issued: 01/07/2007)

    MSA HANS Device PDF Guidelines

    HANS Performance Products USA - HANS Device Quick Start Guide PDF (Dated: August 2014)


    The HANS Performance Products USA Range


    HANS Device Sport 2 II FIA 20 Degree Large

    HANS Device Sport 2 II FIA 20 Degree Medium


    hans_device_fia_sport2_front hans_device_fia_sport2_back

    • SFI and FIA approved
    • Entry Level Pricing with the Same Safety Performance as Professional Series HANS Device
    • Equipped with Sport anchors
    • Sliding Tethers
    • Injection molded super structural thermoplastics
    • 20 degree size Large
    • Weighs 918gms


    HANS Device Sport III 3 FIA 20 Degree Medium

    HANS Device Sport III 3 FIA 20 Degree Large


    hans_device_fia_sport3_front hans_device_fia_sport3_back

    The HANS III represents the third generation of injection molded HANS devices and features a contemporary approach to reducing weight. Using an all new design and polymer, the device features a hollow collar that substantially minimizes weight. Engineered reinforcements ensure an exceptionally strong structure that provides the same level of safety as every HANS device. The reduced mass guarantees the lightest and most comfortable injection molded HANS ever.

    • SFI and FIA approved
    • Entry Level Pricing with the Same Safety Performance as Professional Series HANS Device
    • Sliding Tethers
    • Injection molded super structural thermoplastics
    • 20 degree
    • Weighs 600gms (Medium) / 650g (Large)


    HANS Device Adjustable FIA Medium

    HANS Device Adjustable FIA Large



    • SFI and FIA approved
    • Device adjusts in 5 degree increments, from 10 to 40 degrees
    • Sliding Tethers
    • Injection molded super structural thermoplastics
    • Weighs 1085gms


    HANS Device Pro Ultra Carbon Fibre FIA 20 Degree Medium

    HANS Device Pro Ultra Carbon Fibre FIA 20 Degree Large



    hans_device_fia_proultra_front hans_device_fia_proultra_back

    The Pro Ultra device applies lightweight construction of the Carbon Fiber Pro series to the modern new shape of the Sport II. The Ultra saves on weight and allows for easy entry and exit from the race car, even smaller tighter vehicles. The 100% carbon fiber construction features a hollow core for increased weight reduction without sacrificing strength.


    • SFI and FIA approved
    • 100% Carbon Fiber Construction
    • Sliding Tethers
    • Light Weight 644gms (medium)/ 734gms (large)
  • Dan Bilzerian & Ballistic BJ Baldwin's latest video

    Another amazing film by Monster Energy following BJ and his 800hp Trophy Truck as he tears through this seaside Mexican city...

  • Beta Tools - More about the Italian tool company!


    Beta Tools (Beta Utensili) is a world leading Italian manufacturer of
    hand tools and equipment for automotive and industrial sectors. Beta
    Utensili have 550+ staff world wide and the range includes over 10,000
    products. The full range is available on


    Beta hand tools are made in Italy and carry lifetime warranty.


    Founded at the end of the first world war, the Beta tool workshops rapidly
    expanded and in 1939 they registered the “Beta” name for the production
    of professional hand tools that became its core business from the second
    world war onwards.


    Early Beta production factory, Italy



    In the early sixties Beta Utensili was expanding quickly and were
    employing two hundred staff and went on to design the famous orange
    'Tank Trolley'. From then on the range of tool trolleys grew to include
    the wide range of orange roll cabs and tool boxes that are available



    The seventies was the start of a long term relationship with motorsport.
    Beta pioneered motorsport sponsorship and the first great success came
    in the 1975 Formula 1 season with Vittorio Brambilla at the wheel of the
    famous orange “Beta Utensili March”. Brambilla won the Austrian Grand
    Prix at Zeltweg.



    Other Beta motorsport sponsorship include Ferrari, Jordan, McLaren and
    Minardi F1 teams. Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha in MotoGP. and
    several teams in the WRC and British Superbike.



    The Beta tool range has expanded over the years from the production of
    hand tools to the wide range of over 10'000 products that's available


    Beta product categories include: Specialist wrenches, sockets and drivers, torque wrenches, drilling
    threading tools, measuring and marking tools, pullers, special
    automotive tools, electricians & electronics tools, insulated tools,
    sparkproof tools, Air tools.



    Beta also do a large range of work wear and safety footwear under the 'Beta WORK' brand




    Beta tools and cabinets are widely used by MotoGP race teams


    The new Beta Racing Mobile Roller Cabinets


    The famous Beta 41H Tool Trolley, widely used by motorcycle race teams


    The Beta boardroom with real Formula 1 car, part of the recent F1
    sponsorship deal.  Note the walls are lined with famous
    racing driver’s helmets - all with connections to Beta Tools.



  • Our Year in Customers Cars & Stickers!




    Around this time last year we sent out a pile of stickers to a load of our Facebook followers and customers. Here are the pictures we were sent over the year showing our stickers on a wide range of cars and tool boxes. Thank you very much to all those that have displayed our stickers! We are currently sending them out again with every order, while stocks last and looking forward to the next batch of pictures to work their way to our HQ!

    1450051_757181167630312_357720630_n 1236036_517045718390494_1208161001_n

     iupdated 1044922_10200555450907826_1501174741_n

    1146527_10151497845790653_1034828981_n 1013823_4878721735675_893178870_n

    943644_10151453746105653_555287371_n 942761_10151371027185653_361782899_n

    1175055_10153209651255158_43259303_n 947326_10151350648940653_685595189_n

    942221_526834917352066_2102754255_n 942122_10151351390070653_1960663992_n

    941150_312069172262089_846282697_n 935328_497796386942532_1347585460_n

    923030_10151356055675653_776979690_n 922834_10151349435881750_154058315_n

    581059_10201281256739749_1156381593_n 383434_10151373089835653_1428532976_n

    306718_10151351974895653_1261576061_n 301917_10151401977213404_1131674712_n

    284724_501512103238992_764249229_n 183171_10152835832575457_1164877505_n

    65617_10151358753355653_768566072_n 1626_4312843833188_1061049490_n

    IMG_5617 IMG_5618

    486745_10200571479745896_2062248237_n 944403_10151351964230653_1235244848_n


  • Merry Christmas to all our Customers!

    All of us at Motorsport-Tools would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas!


    Santa sidways

    Sideways Santa

  • 2013 WRC Wales Rally GB and the Motorsport-Tools Escorts!

    The 2013 Wales Rally GB moved up to North Wales this year and was a massive success! Thousands of spectators ventured out to the classic forest stages over the last 4 days, creating an amazing atmosphere similar to the old RAC Rally days of the 80s and 90s when the route visited North Wales.


    Sebastien Ogier wins the final event of the WRC season in Wales, 21.8
    seconds up on Volkswagen team-mate, Jari-Matti Latvala; Thierry Neuville
    is third ahead of Mads Ostberg and Andreas Mikkelsen.


    Local Welshman Elfyn Evans finished 8th overall and wins the WRC2 in his Qatar M-Sport WRT Ford Fiesta R5.


    Other local Welsh drivers competing on the WRC event were Mark Higgins, finished 10th overall and Tom Cave 12th, both driving Ford Fiesta R5.


    Osian Pryce finished 30th overall after some engine problems but showed great pace in his Citroën DS3 R3T.

    Following the WRC rally was the national event, split into a 3 day and a 2 day route, using most of the WRC stages. Several local crews were competing including Motorsport-Tools customers:

    1476014_717413221621948_983382829_n 1450051_757181167630312_357720630_n

    Ieuan Rowlands in his Volvo powered Escort Mk2,


    John Rowlands with a high reving Honda S2000 engine!


    Ian Jones, Vauxhall XE powered Escort Mk2


    David Jones, Proton Satria GTI

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