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New 2020 Road Registered Escort Mk2 - Group-4 spec

Brand new built Escort Mk2 2020 road registered car by MST Cars
  • Latest developments on the New 2020 Escort Mk2

    Progress has been a little slow recently due to the coronavirus but we are now pushing ahead to get the new Mk2 Escort completed this summer and get the car booked if for the IVA test, that will allow us to register the Mk2 Escort as a brand new 2020 road car.

    The new 2.5L Ford Duratec is now in position with a new designed billet alloy machined sump. Other newly developed parts for the Mk2 includes a new Escort electronic power steering unit, Duratec to Mazda 6 speed adapter plate to allow the gearbox and engine to sit upright and gear lever position adapter kit that moves the gear lever further back.

    Other features of this new Mk2 includes latest power distribution modules that controls the cars electrical system, doing away with fuses and relays. Running the engine we have a Life Racing ECU that has many features such as traction control, launch control, various map settings, data logging etc.

  • New MK2 Project Update

    Quick update on the New Escort Mk2 project, in association with our partners Great British Sports Cars.

    Some behind the scenes R&D going on with various aspects of the build, including power distribution electrical system and power steering assembly that needs a collapsible element for IVA.

    Most parts are now ready for dry fitting including the new Duratec 2.5L engine and matching 6-speed gearbox.

    More updates and details coming over the next few weeks.

  • New Road Legal MK2 Build Starts!

    Some exciting news today! We have partnered up with GBS (Great British Sports Cars) to develop the new MK2 Escort’s as new registered road cars.

    These will be brand new cars on current registration plates and we will be working closely with GBS on the development to meet the IVA test requirements.

    The all new Mk2 Escort’s will be based on a group-4 spec bodyshell, powered by a brand new Ford supplied 2.5L Duratec on ATR billet throttle bodies & Life ECU. Mazda 6-speed gearbox, Atlas axle, AP Racing brakes, Bilstein coilovers etc.

    They will be supplied as complete road going cars or in kit form, and can easily be converted to a rally car if required,

    More news on the red prototype MK2 over the next few months

  • New Escort Mk2 Group-4 now rolling!

    All new Escort Mk2, everything you see here is 100% brand new including the bodyshell:
    So we finally got the suspension, steering and axle parts on the to shell so that we could fit the nice shiny gold Minilite wheels, and I must say its looking amazing! The deep red colour works so well with the gold Minilites. Parts fitted are basically top quality full Group-4 components from Rix Engineering and Bilstein, we have not yes decided the final spec, as in engine, gearbox etc, but its looking like a 2.5L Duratec and a 6 speed Mazda gearbox, and possibly built as a Group-4 fast road car on a 19 plate :)

    Group-4 Rix Engineering struts with Bilstein tarmac inserts. 2.25" adjustable height coilover springs, alloy spherical bearing top mounts, in-situ adjustable bottom arms, 2.4 turns steering rack on Rix cross member base, engine will be chassis mounted.


    Fully floating atlas axle casing (no diff or brakes fitted yet) twin taper bearing alloy hubs, Group-4 studs and alloy brace fitted.  4 link system with watts linkage via rear alloy diff casing. Bilstein turreted coilovers, 2.25" adjustable height coilover springs.

    Manual steering for now: New steering column on billet alloy steering wheel boss. Motamec 3 spoke, suede rally steering wheel

    Here we go, on its wheels: 8x13 genuine Minilite wheels, group-4 fitting, powder coated gold colour. Tyres are Kumho 215/50R13, an ideal size for the Escort Mk2 alloy tarmac arches
    Full range of parts fitted to the Escort can be found here

  • Getting ready for the build


    Nearly ready to start bolting some bits on to the red Escort Mk2 we had back from the bodyshop end of last year. We have decided to start building the car as a little show piece, to show whats possible with these new Escort mk2 shells. First parts to go on will be the axle and suspension. We will be using top quality Rix Engineering components with Group-4 Bilstein dampers and coilovers. The build will be based on tried and tested Group4 parts including a fully floating atlas axle, Bilstein coilovers on the rear with 4 loink and Watts linkage. Front will be Rix struts with Bilstein inserts, adjustable TCAs, compression struts, alloy top mounts and Grp4 alloy hubs. 


  • Shes back - The New Red Group 4 Escort Mk2

    Finally landed back with us from our local bodyshop, and the bright recd colour really does look lovely!

  • Fully Painted - New Escort Mk2

    Here we have the new mk2 bodyshell fully painted, stunning red colour with satin black detail. We now have the rollcage bolted in and some basic trim fitted: windows, seals, bumpers, grill etc. If not sold soon we will be bolting on an Atlas axle and front suspension to get the shell rolling, cant wait to get the gold Minilites on :)


  • Fresh out of the oven!

    Finally had shell fully painted, wow check out the finish on that!
    Next job is satin black paint behind the grill and rear panel

    And here is some satin black on the dash and side window frames:

  • New Escort Mk2 Group-4 shell update: Bodyshop

    Latest update on the New Mk2 Escort Group4 clubman shell, this week its had Raptor coating on the under side and a full finish coat of Radiant red paint inside. Next week we should see the mk2 finished with the outside painted in this stunning red colour.


  • New Escort Mk2 Group-4 Clubman Project

    Using one of our brand new Escort Mk2 bodyshells as a base for this clubman spec shell, It basically has the same modifications as the full works spec car but with a traditional multi point bolt in roll cage and retaining the original rear wheel tubs, but extended out to accommodate the alloy tarmac arches.

    Usual group-4 mods include, 4 link boxes, round turrets, watts linkage towers, large gearbox and diff tunnels, firewall, and under bonnet gussets and strengthening pates. This shell will have steel boot and bonnet




    The shell is currently at the bodyshop, fitting the 13" wheel alloy tarmac arches, alloy front spoiler and rear RS1800 type spoiler, also dry fitting of all trim, bumpers, grills etc.  We should see some colour this week, a bright shiny radiant red to be exact :)

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