A closer look at our Escort Mk2 project, part 1

Here we have a closer look at our new Escort Mk2 project before work starts, we are currently waiting for the engine to arrive before we can start bolting things on (2.5 N/A Cosworth)



Full Group 4 Modern spec shell, tarmac alloy arched and painted throughout in arctic white


Steel bonnet and boot, alloy arches. steel bumpers. Full weld in Safety Devices roll cage, sitting on out 20mm Sill Stands

IMG_3182 IMG_3183

Tarmac 13" spec light weight alloy arches, TIG welded, wire edged and riveted on with countersunk rivets: Escort Mk2 Tarmac Alloy Arches

IMG_3181 IMG_3184

Alloy rear spoiler, attached with countersunk rivets. The boot lid is fastend down with 'bonnet pins'. The short Group4 alloy front spoiler again fitted with countersunk rivets mates up to the alloy front arches. New Front steel bumpers, remanufactured to original Ford spec. For more details see links below:

Escort Mk2 Alloy Rear Spoiler

Escort Mk2 Alloy Front Spoiler

Countersunk Rivets

Escort Mk1 / Mk2 Bumpers

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