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  • New Mk2 Group-4 now rolling!

    All new Mk2, everything you see here is 100% brand new including the bodyshell:
    So we finally got the suspension, steering and axle parts on the to shell so that we could fit the nice shiny gold Minilite wheels, and I must say its looking amazing! The deep red colour works so well with the gold Minilites. Parts fitted are basically top quality full Group-4 components from Rix Engineering and Bilstein, we have not yes decided the final spec, as in engine, gearbox etc, but its looking like a 2.5L Duratec and a 6 speed Mazda gearbox, and possibly built as a Group-4 fast road car on a 19 plate :)

    Group-4 Rix Engineering struts with Bilstein tarmac inserts. 2.25" adjustable height coilover springs, alloy spherical bearing top mounts, in-situ adjustable bottom arms, 2.4 turns steering rack on Rix cross member base, engine will be chassis mounted.


    Fully floating atlas axle casing (no diff or brakes fitted yet) twin taper bearing alloy hubs, Group-4 studs and alloy brace fitted.  4 link system with watts linkage via rear alloy diff casing. Bilstein turreted coilovers, 2.25" adjustable height coilover springs.

    Manual steering for now: New steering column on billet alloy steering wheel boss. Motamec 3 spoke, suede rally steering wheel

    Here we go, on its wheels: 8x13 genuine Minilite wheels, group-4 fitting, powder coated gold colour. Tyres are Kumho 215/50R13, an ideal size for the Escort Mk2 alloy tarmac arches
    Full range of parts fitted to the Escort can be found here

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