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  • Fully Painted - New Mk2

    Here we have the new mk2 bodyshell fully painted, stunning red colour with satin black detail. We now have the rollcage bolted in and some basic trim fitted: windows, seals, bumpers, grill etc. If not sold soon we will be bolting on an Atlas axle and front suspension to get the shell rolling, cant wait to get the gold Minilites on :)


  • Mk1 Historic Restoration project nearly finished

    Just a few update shots of the Mk1, all welding nearly finished including dry fitting of the engine and gearbox. Bodywork starts next week...

  • Fabrication in full swing


    Making good progress this week on the fabrication and restoration of the Mk1 historic shell. We decided to fit new inner wings, front panel, sills etc. Some additional strengthening and plating under way. Outer panels next including bubble arches and some panel alignment next, before its ready for the bodyshop


  • Fresh out of the oven!

    Finally had shell fully painted, wow check out the finish on that!
    Next job is satin black paint behind the grill and rear panel

    And here is some satin black on the dash and side window frames:

  • NEW Mk2 RS Fast Road Bodyshell - Primer

    The new Mk2 RS shell, Just back from the bodyshop, had a thick coat of epoxy primer after the fabrication work as it was bare metal after been sandblasted. We wanted the steel protected ASAP to avoid any surface rust and and contamination. Next step will be the dry fitting of the Duratec engine, gearbox, exhaust system etc. Also drilling holes where required for the pipes, loom etc.Then back to the bodyshop for the serious bodywork including fitting the alloy arches and the final painting process.

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