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  • Motorsport-Tools Sponsors the Opel Adam R2 Once Again


    If you're heading out to watch any of the Vauxhall Adam R2's racing over the next year, keep an eye out for some familiar products. This is the second successive year that we've offered our support to the team, and to be fair, the results have been really favorable. Recently, they had the above car on show down the road from us during the Dayinsure Wales Rally GB and it was drawing a lot of attention.

    This year around, we've provided the team with a lot more than we have in previous years. As you can see above, there's a full set of our Motamec GP1 FIA approved seats, as well as our Motamec 6-Point FIA approved racing harnesses.

    As well as the seat and harnesses that we've provided for the team, we've also given them one of our steering wheels to complete the look of the internals. One of our black, deep dish steering wheels if you're curious...

    Away from the business end of the car, we've also supplied a load of the sundries that make the car. As above, we've supplied the team with a Motamec Racing Helmet Hammock.

    And also one of the Motamec Light Weight Wheel Braces.

    We didn't just help kit out the interior of the car. You'll also see some of our products on the exterior. Such as the Motamec Tow Straps on the front and rear.

    And also we gave the team a set of our Motamec Scrutineer Safety Decal Stickers. A small but necessary touch on the outside of the car.


    So there we go. If you happen to get chance to see any of these cars running over the next year, keep an eye out for our products

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