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  • Fitting PIAA Spotlamps & Escort Mk2 Quick Release brackets

    Today we have been fitting our quick release spotlamp brackets on to the Escort. This is straight forward job, just drill some holes and bolt them on. The wiring will be done later when the loom is fitted.


    Escort Mk2 Quick Release Spotlamp Brackets sold as a pair with bolts.

    2345342 2345345345

    Drill holes and bolt the mounting brackets on to the the front panel.


    The quick release bracket then bolts under the mounting brackets with 3x M8 bolts.


    The bumper can then be fitted under the brackets. The spot lamps are bolted on, we will be using 4 spotlamps, 2 up and 2 down.


    The lamp of choice here is the PIAA 80 Competition Series, we have used 2 spot and 2 drive lenses.



    Job done, complete with the PIAA lamp covers, supplied with the lamps.

    Here are the Mk2 spotlamp brackets
    We also do the Escort Mk1 spotlamp brackets
    PIAA Spotlamps come with bulbs and plastic covers
    Fabric Historic Lamp Covers also available
    An alternative, more cost efective Maxtel Spotlamps are also available
    Full range of Escort Mk1 and Mk2 lamps are lights are also available


  • Our Year in Customers Cars & Stickers!




    Around this time last year we sent out a pile of stickers to a load of our Facebook followers and customers. Here are the pictures we were sent over the year showing our stickers on a wide range of cars and tool boxes. Thank you very much to all those that have displayed our stickers! We are currently sending them out again with every order, while stocks last and looking forward to the next batch of pictures to work their way to our HQ!

    1450051_757181167630312_357720630_n 1236036_517045718390494_1208161001_n

     iupdated 1044922_10200555450907826_1501174741_n

    1146527_10151497845790653_1034828981_n 1013823_4878721735675_893178870_n

    943644_10151453746105653_555287371_n 942761_10151371027185653_361782899_n

    1175055_10153209651255158_43259303_n 947326_10151350648940653_685595189_n

    942221_526834917352066_2102754255_n 942122_10151351390070653_1960663992_n

    941150_312069172262089_846282697_n 935328_497796386942532_1347585460_n

    923030_10151356055675653_776979690_n 922834_10151349435881750_154058315_n

    581059_10201281256739749_1156381593_n 383434_10151373089835653_1428532976_n

    306718_10151351974895653_1261576061_n 301917_10151401977213404_1131674712_n

    284724_501512103238992_764249229_n 183171_10152835832575457_1164877505_n

    65617_10151358753355653_768566072_n 1626_4312843833188_1061049490_n

    IMG_5617 IMG_5618

    486745_10200571479745896_2062248237_n 944403_10151351964230653_1235244848_n


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