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  • Fitting the AP Racing Brakes on to the Escort Mk2

    The next step: front brakes! The Escort will be sitting on 13" wheels so we have gone for the largest AP Racing brake kit that will fit under the 13" wheel, the CP5219 4 pot caliper kit.

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    AP 4 pot racing caliper CP5219, radial mounted, a work of art!fghfhghk

    AP Racing 277 x 25mm discs, complete with AP mounting kit and alloy bells




    Mounted on to the Rix Engineering suspension via the alloy Group 4 hubs and bells. Fitted with Group 4 studs. Precision CNC made caliper mounting bracket ensures correct location of the 4 pot racing caliper.


    All mounted up, ready for the wheels (will be a while until the Escort will be rolling, need to finish the rear axle first)
    This is the ultimate Escort Mk2 brake kit for tarmac rally / race for use with 13" wheels

     AP Racing Brake kit CP5219

    Ferodo Brake DS3000 Pads CP5219



  • RIX / AVO 3 Way adjustable front suspension for the Escort Mk2

    The first few bits for our Escort Mk2 project are now coming together, this week we have been putting together the front suspension. We are using AVO 3 way adjustable all round with the RIX Engineering front assembly which will be fully adjustable.1abvdfs

    The AVO front leg with remote canister, adjustable ride height: AVO / RIX Front Struts

    photo 3

    Mono tube, 50mm OD inserts, supplied with 250lb coilover springs and alloy top mounts

    photo 2Remote canisters with adjustment knobs. The 3 way's are adjustable in rebound, fast bump and slow bump



    Rix Engineering alloy upright block / stub axle with special fabricated steering arm:
    Rix Engineering Suspension All components are precision fabricated and CNC machined for maximum strength and durability whilst keeping weight to the minimum.

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    The steering arm attaches under the alloy upright block and over the lower TCA pin. The alloy block then bolts on the the AVO leg, these are specially designed for the RIX setup. The kit is supplied with 4 types of special camber adjustment shims, giving 7 camber adjustments by simply undoing the bolt and replacing the shims.


    Billet Caliper mounting bracket, we will be using the AP Racing CP5219  4 pot calipers


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    Tig welded TCAs and compression struts complete with heavy duty Aurora rod ends, all part of the Rix Engineering kit.
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    Bolted up to the shell, ready to fit the wheel hubs and brakes. Originally designed for the Safari rally, this is the strongest and most advanced setup currently available for the Mk1 / Mk2 Escort. The main advantage of this set up is the scrub radius position over the standard Escort setup, giving less tyre resistance and more grip. The tyre wear rate will be lower so softer tyres can be used.

    AVO 3 Way Adjustable Monotube Front Struts (RIX)

    RIX Engineering WRC Type Front Suspension

    Ultimate Spec Cross Member Base

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