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  • So who's seen the new RUSH film? Did you spot our Quick Lift Jack?

    Have you been to see the Rush 2013 film at the cinema yet?
    Ron Howard's Rush film about the 1976 Formula One season was released in
    the UK on September the 13th has been a massive hit with motorsport
    fans, at last a well made and accurate motor racing film!


    Rush tells the story of the rivalry between drivers James Hunt and Niki
    Lauda during the 1976 F1 season. It stars Chris Hemsworth as Hunt and
    Daniel Brühl as Lauda. The film premiered in London on September 2, 2013.


    Motorsport Tools are proud to have supplied a Quick Lift Jack for use in
    the film. We did see a glimpse of a the jack in the film during one of
    the pit stops. We found the above photo showing the jack on set during filming, note
    that it has been 'weathered' to look well used!


    Our Quick Lift Jack


    Beta Tools were also involved with Formula One in the sevnties with
    driver Vittorio Brambilla at the wheel of an orange “Beta Utensili
    March” They are also featured in the Rush film with the original car
    being used.


  • at the Silverstone MotoGP 2013

    As one of the UK's largest suppliers of Beta Tools to motorsport teams and professional mechanics. We were invited by Beta Utensili for a day out at the British MotoGP, as guests of one of the many MotoGP teams Beta Tools supply tools too.

    As guests of NGM Forward Racing who's riders include 2 time World Champion Colin Edwards 'the Texas Tornado', we were lucky to have access to the paddock and garage.

    IMG_5617IMG_5618 IMG_5619

    After making our mark at the hospitality is was time to move down to the pit lane garages and have a look at the tools and bikes.


    Beta Motorsport special tool cabinets as used by lots of MotoGP teams. Available from Motorsport tools in a variety of colours. Beta Tools Motorsport Pit Tool Roller Cab 9 Drawer C39MD and the Beta Utensili Motorsport Pit Tool Cabinet 7 Drawer with paper dispenser.



    Beta Tools Utensili 600 series torque wrenches used heavily by the teams for setting the correct torque on critical components such as wheels, forks and other parts of the suspension.The Beta Tools 600 series torque wrenches start from as little as £100. This 1/2 drive one with a range of 40 - 200 Nm and 440mm seam about the best buy to us. Beta 1/2 Drive 606/20 Torque Wrench

    We were told the carbon brake disc on the left hand side of the picture cost about £4500 and are only used for one weekend. If the rider has any sort of fall they replace them just encase there are any internal cracks which they cant see with the eye.

    The Ohlins dampers have the names of the riders engraved on them to avoid mix ups between the bikes.



    The custom made Beta Tools trolley is an evolution of the popular C41H and houses a generator to power the tyre warmers on the grind and some additional tools for the mechanics.



    Aircraft spec wiring loom was a work of art, the amount of sensors on these bikes that feed data back to the pits is amazing.


    The mechanics use lots of hand tools from the Beta range, Beta Sockets and we spotted one of our very popular Beta items the Beta Dzus fastener Screwdriver.



    In the back of the garage they had a Beta 7 Drawer C39 roller cabinet which they used to hold tools for setting up the suspension. Beta Roller Cabinets.


    Some spare engines and fuel tanks in the back of the garage.


    Tyres at the back of the garage ready to go.



    Team NGM Forward Racing mechanic puts away his Beta Tools Utensili Screwdrivers


    The mechanics tidy up all there Beta Tools once the Moto2 bikes had left the pits.



    Beta Tools stickers on the Moto2 teams bikes.


    The very popular Beta Tools C41H Tool Trolley which not only is it one of's best sellers but used so heavily by the MotoGP and Moto2 teams that we lost count of how many we saw over the weekend. We have had many special edition ones of the years and currently have one for the Beta supported British Superbike team Milwaukee Yamaha Beta Milwaukee Yamaha Tool Trolley


    We so wanted to stick our stickers on a bike!



    The bikes are stripped down before the rider have even finished telling there race engineer how the race went.



    Another shot of Beta Motorsport special tool cabinets as used by lots of MotoGP teams. Available from Motorsport tools in a variety of colours. Beta Tools Motorsport Pit Tool Roller Cab 9 Drawer C39MD and the Beta Utensili Motorsport Pit Tool Cabinet 7 Drawer with paper dispenser.



    The cabinets have been modified with an air compressor outlet and the digital gauges are the temps of the tyre warmers which plug in at the base of the cabinet. Some bit of kit!


    No serious garage is complete without a fabricated cable tie holder! Have a look at this alloy wall mounted one here: Alloy Wall Mounted Workshop Cable Tie Holder



    Two time world champion Colin Edward's MotoGP bike!!

    iupdated IMG_5713

    At the end of the day the team immediately starts stripping the bike down.

    Its was a really fantastic day and we hope Beta Tools will be kind enough to invite us along next year!

    Here are a few of the camera phone pics and Motorsport people we spotted on the day:

    camposrossi  IMG_5629colinsteatime_n IMG_5700 pitboard steveparish

    From top left: Loris Capirossi, Suzi Perry, Colin Edwards having dinner, Mark Webber, Colin Edwards Carbon Fibre Pitboard and Steve Parish

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