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12v Weather Pack Wire Plug Connector Assembly 1 Pin

Part Number: MSTGEN-GA3144
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Weather Pack Connectors seal the elements out and provide trouble-free electrical connection. Weather Pack connectors are unaffected by water, chemicals, vibration, temperature, or dirt, and will not come apart accidentally. Special nylon connector housings are the basis for the connectors. These housings withstand extreme temperature from -40° to +257° and are indexed to prevent mismatching.

When connecting together an audible "click" is produced, letting you know that a solid connection has been made. Each terminal of a Weather Pack connector is insulated from in its own tower to prevent shorting, and the pins are securely held in place by a hinged back which prevents the pins from backing out accidentally. The Weather Pack Connectors use a self-lubricating silicone seal for protection from water, dust, oil and other engine compartment fluids. In addition, each terminal has its own silicone seal crimped to it that prevents contaminants from entering the wire.

This combination of special housing, silicone seals, and positive locking connection makes for the best waterproof connection available.

Includes Pins and Seals